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ACS values and nurtures the relationship with our clients to effectively work together toward our common goals.  The following are some selected clients that have been exposed to the high-quality and on-time solutions that we offer.


State of Minnesota - Department of Labor and Industry
ACS has had a long term presence at the State of Minnesota - Department of Labor and Industry (DLI).  ACS has performed several systems integration projects at DLI and was actively involved in the design, development and maintenance of an imaging system that is used to process and manage workers compensation information.  The latest project performed by ACS at DLI was for a new licensing system for the Construction Codes and Licensing Division (CCLD) which is used to administer the licenses for all trade professionals in the State of Minnesota.  Other projects that have been performed at DLI are the Mapper Migration Project, the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) project (IAIABC R3), and the Scanner Upgrade project (systems integration of a Kodak high-speed scanner), as well as several other development and data migration projects.
State of South Carolina - Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation - OSHA
ACS was the system integrator for the implementation of the OSHA Express system for South Carolina OSHA (SCOSHA). ACS designed and developed the OSHA Express system to allow OSHA State-Plan states to effectively administer the Compliance/Enforcement, Consultation/Voluntary Programs, and Discrimination aspects of the OSHA programs.
Minnesota OSHA
ACS partnered with Minnesota OSHA (MNOSHA) to perform the systems integration work on the MOOSE (Minnesota OSHA Operations and System Exchange) system project.  The project involved integrating functionality found in the legacy Integrated Management Information System (IMIS) that is required by Federal OSHA with a multitude of databases and other tools that MNOSHA used to conduct their business.  ACS also designed and developed a document management system that allows for an virtual case file with imaged documents, digital pictures and recordings, along with a workflow mechanism to streamline OSHA processes.
State of Minnesota - Office of Administrative Hearings
ACS developed the Case Scheduling and Management System (CSMS) for the State of Minnesota - Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH).  ACS worked closely with OAH to design, develop, and implement the CSMS database and applications that are used to track litigation through multiple state agencies.
ACS has been a partner with the Unisys Systems Integration group to perform services to a number of different clients, including the German Air Traffic Control, Walt Disney World, Montreal Trust General, and the Colorado Division of Youth Services.  ACS also partnered with Unisys on several successful benchmarks including projects for the Internal Revenue Service and the NASDAQ stock exchange.
Magnum Technologies
ACS performed a database installation of the Informix Dynamic Server suite for Magnum Technologies.  A subsequent phase involved the analysis, diagnosis and recommendations for several performance bottlenecks that were encountered with their CapTrend product.
CPS Systems
ACS performed a database installation of the Informix Dynamic Server suite for CPS Systems.  ACS spent time mentoring both client staff and personnel from other consulting companies in the design and development of their relational database for the CPS Library System.
Piper Jaffray
ACS was actively involved in the implementation of the Investment Manager II (IM2) product that is used to facilitate portfolio management.  ACS performed database design and administration services as well as technical services to facilitate the successful testing and implementation of the IM2 system.