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ACS Clients

ACS has proven capabilities performing a multitude of services using information technology.  We have consultants with various certifications and advanced degrees to ensure that your projects will be successful.


ACS consultants are dedicated to remain abreast of the latest in technology.  We facilitate this by offering ongoing training opportunities on a regular basis.  ACS personnel have the insight, education and experience to deliver the highest quality solutions to your organization.

Project Planning
ACS has the capacity to plan your project from conception through the successful implementation.  We work with the client to determine the scope of a project so that accurate forecasts can be generated for the timeline, resources and funding necessary for each phase of a project.  A well-planned project leads to a successful project.
Requirements Definition
Whether it be internal meetings or requirement drill-down sessions with external customers, ACS will strive to clearly identify your project requirements to ensure that the details that make or break a project are not missed.
Project Management
ACS subscribes to the concepts that are proposed for project management in the “Project Management Body of Knowledge” that was developed by the PMI Standards Committee at the Project Management Institute (PMI).  ACS personnel have managed many different types of projects of various scope and magnitude.
Database Design & Modeling
ACS has specific expertise with relational and network database technology.  Our consultants are well-versed with Informix, Oracle, and Sybase relational engines and can model, design, develop, deploy, and tune to exact specifications.  ACS has a reputation for being a premier systems integrator for database and application migrations.
Analysis and Design
ACS consultants have years of experience performing systems analysis and design and are capable of breaking complex business processes into manageable work units.  Our ability to cull out the details of a project ensure that our clients needs are met.
Programming and Testing
ACS consultants have worked with dozens of different toolsets and computer languages and are able to adapt to the ever-changing environment that is necessary to deploy mission-critical business applications.  Our development processes ensure that applications are sufficiently tested both for accuracy and performance prior to deployment.
Full Client/Server Development
ACS has expertise with many of the toolkits that facilitate client/server development.  We are able to integrate this expertise with the project requirements to design, develop, and deploy applications that meet our clients business needs.
Web Design and Development
ACS has embraced the web as a cost effective way to conduct business without regard to geographic boundaries.  We are able to design and create thin-client interfaces that are fully functional as robust solutions.
Platform Support
ACS consultants have worked with many different hardware platforms and operating systems, and are able to maintain and support their operations and environments.

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